[ubuntu-us-ma] Update: Old Colony Computer Lab

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 23:57:15 BST 2009

Hey Advocates,

I had a meeting this morning with the people who are attempting to
re-establish a computer lab that many years ago fell into disrepair
after all the computers got stolen. Mel King got me in touch with them
because we can offer advice on the best ways of starting up such a

So I sent the morning making sure that Ubuntu and FOSS was well
understood, they'll be coming down to the SETC tomorrow to go through
the familiarity class, but the response seems very positive so far.

There might be some work to re-wire the patch panel and various parts of
the physical network. I've convinced them that they really need a switch
and to get the network infrastructure up to a decent level.

The hope is that the people who end up managing the center when it's up
and running will come to the sys-admin classes and be able to run entire
place on Ubuntu.

I'll post updates as they come in.

Best regards, Martin Owens

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