[ubuntu-us-ma] Who's using Ubuntu Server for HA applications?

Chris Butler chrisbutler72 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 21:03:39 BST 2009

When I started at my current company it was a windows only house.
Server wise we are now at 60/40 in favor of Linux. All but two of the Linux
machines are Ubuntu (Hardy - LTS).

Mostly they are hosts to VMWare server but I have deployed Jabber, Bugzilla,
TikiWiki's, all our LAMP's and several CRM's all on Ubuntu. All with little
issue and *very* low failure rates. The biggest problem we run into is when
the kernel updates, you need to re-run the vmware install script. It takes
me a whole 5 minutes... very annoying. ;-)

We use Likewise Open to put them on the Active Directory network with good

Not sure if any of this helps, but Ubuntu server has proven itself to me.

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