[ubuntu-us-ma] Good ways to network? YouTube

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 12 04:12:49 BST 2009

We have a Facebook group among other things, but i was wondering if anybody
had some ideas on hwo we can better network our group and Ubuntu in general.
I personally wanted to promote the idea of using YouTube (as much as i think
it's a crappy website), it is very popular with a huge
community...and hopefully Google will fix it up eventually maybe
whatever i'll keep dreaming.
Anyways, i know Martin does a weekly video blog which is great. Does anybody
else have a YouTube channel? If you don't have one, i encourage you to set
one up and upload a video about Ubuntu's awesomeness or something of that

P.S. Blogspam (YouTube-spam?): I'm having a YouTube contest to give away a
$180 graphics card for free to encourage people to get on YouTube and talk
about FOSS and Ubuntu among other things.

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