[ubuntu-us-ma] Who's experienced with offering Ubuntu conversions?

Paul Smith paul at mad-scientist.us
Thu Jul 9 13:58:59 BST 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 02:05 -0400, Cam Cope wrote:
> Quicken only has a Bronze rating on Crossover, and it's spotty with
> Wine as well. There are UI issues even when it "works".

Maybe it's different with different versions of Quicken.  I used it with
Quicken 2001 through 2005 and it worked very well for me.  I used it
because I needed transaction download, etc. and that worked fine.  I
haven't tried with Q2007 or newer.

I only use Crossover these days for Outlook support, since my company
switched to Exchange 2007 which isn't supported by Evolution until
Jaunty, and I can't upgrade to Jaunty due to issues with my video card
not being supported.  Plus, I'm on the Evo lists and it seems the new
Evo MAPI backend is still experiencing some growing pains.

For Outlook support it's... OK.  The newest version just released a few
weeks ago (Crossover 8.0) is MUCH better and a lot of the nits are
fixed.  But Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 both still crap out on me
every now and then (however according to my Windows-using friends that
is not that uncommon on Windows as well).

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