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Experience. That's my answer to the privacy question. I've had years of
experience with dealing with people's data. You kind of train yourself
to only look at the files to determine when/if/where they need to be
put/moved/etc. I've had CEO's important documents staring at me in the
face while helping with formatting. The experience helps to treat the
entire document as just a bunch of text and not actually read it. Tough
to explain I guess.

It also comes down to trust. If you want to be trusted with the data and
grow your business, you have to trust yourself not to do more with the
data than is expected. This will show as professionalism to the customer
when dealing with you face to face.

As for upgrades, always clean install and migrate data. Always. I have
NEVER come across a single OS that has done a 100% clean upgrade with no
side-effects. Nor have I seen the upgrade procedure take much less or
sometimes less time than it takes to do a full upgrade and migrate data.
Especially with ubuntu.

Danny Piccirillo wrote:
> This is mostly for the ubuntu businesses group, but it's relevant to
> anyone who helps people do conversions to ubuntu.
> http://groups.google.com/group/ubuntu-us-ma-business
> Anyways, when transferring people's files and settings from Windows,
> how can you be thorough while respecting their privacy?
> Then, when it comes time to upgrade from one version of Ubuntu to the
> next, should you do a clean install, and copy files and settings back
> over, reinstall programs, etc, or just use the upgrade tool? If doing
> a clean install, the privacy question comes up again, but the answer
> should be the same.
> [ubuntu-business only] How many people are providing paid upgrades and
> support? Care to report your experiences?

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