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Another "local" opportunity :)


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On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 21:33, Caroline Meeks<caroline at solutiongrove.com> wrote:
> Quick report on today's progress.  I also have this on the wiki.
> There is implied (I hope) help wanted on both the technical issues and on
> pedagogical ideas and how to implement them.  I'm flying off to CA for a
> family event so I will be fairly out of touch but should still be reading
> email.
> Thank you for your support! The teachers are very excited about the
> possibilities!
> Critical Path Technical Issues
> Our biggest issue is collaboration. We either need to get local
> collaboration, jabber collaboration or a local XS working
> * Ticket 1014 http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1014 - Jabber keeps dying,
> then it falls back to Salut, that only finds one computer, then it tried
> Jabber again, works briefly, dies.
> * Ticket 1012 - not collaborating locally

I think this is an excellent opportunity to get one more technical
contributor involved in Sugar Labs. Can you see if via local linux
user groups, student associations, etc. you can find someone with
linux experience that wants to spend some hours helping us debug this

I would say we need someone local that is not afraid of IRC, trac or
wiki, familiar with the command line and with enough patience and will
to learn.



> We met with 2 grades of teachers.
> 2nd Grade
> Next Tuesday we will work with the 2nd Graders on their science and social
> studies. The theme of the week is responsibility and the environment. They
> will be learning about their community and preping for a cleanup of the
> local Charles River.
> The goal of the first project will be to label a map of where they do the
> clean up with what they find during their cleanup.
> We have half an hour on Tuesday. After kids get their keys and boot up,
> enter their name and colors we will have them go to Turtle Art. We will
> prepare maps and preload them on the sticks and show them how to bring them
> into Turtle Art. Then we'll show them how to have the turtle label them.
> Next week, after their cleanup they can label what they find on the
> clean-up.
> [edit] 3rd Grade
> We are hoping that the kids can create a US version of the Uruguay
> geography/facts game. Any ideas on how to make that easy to do? The vision
> is they will learn things in class then make them into questions to put into
> the game. We will meet with the third grade on Thursday afternoons.
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