[ubuntu-us-ma] 10,000+ files in a folder slows down ...

Jonathan M. Prigot jprigot at verizon.net
Wed Jul 1 14:56:26 BST 2009

On Thursday 25 June 2009 08:29:53 Brian DeLacey wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with folders containing lots of files in
> Ubuntu? Like 10,000+? The files are relatively small - the total disk size
> is under 1G.
> Ubuntu's GUI seems to have a difficult time managing folders of this size
> (eg. attempting to "select all" and copy so many individual/small files to
> another folder hangs - or takes incredibly long.)
> Any suggestions on how to manage this large number of small files
> efficiently?
> Thanks,
> Brian

What file system are you using? EXT2/3 may not be the best for this disk 
layout. You should look at the other (XFS, JFS, etc.) filesystems to see if 
they'd do a better job.
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