Backup Backup Backup???

jimi o'beirne jimobeirne at
Thu Jan 29 00:22:06 GMT 2009

Hey folks-
After reinstalling several times today and (gasp) even reaching the
point of trying out OpenSUSE, (yuck) I have the system back up and how I
like it. Now,,,,to take some steps to make sure I don't have to fight
all day after something silly like, (oh, this time it was that my top
and bottom panels just disappeared, hence the reinstalls). 

So, the question I have is, what does everyone use for a good solid
backup solution? I"d like to make sure I can automate it and also be
able to restore from the term window (as this last time, all I could get
was through CTRL+ATL+F#. 

Any suggestions???

I really don't want to have to do anymore reinstalls!! And, I feel even
better going to bed tonight (oh ya, it's my birthday today!!!) knowing I
have a good, solid backup....

Thanks everyone-
Jim O'Beirne

PS- See you all tomorrow night :)

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