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Martin Owens doctormo at
Wed Jan 28 21:30:11 GMT 2009

Hi Paul,

Good that you think the style is good.

> I still have my same comments with the text content, though.  I think
> it's _critical_ to get this part right.  IMO it looks really
> unprofessional to have grammar and phrasing problems in posters and
> handouts like this, and that can only serve to play into and reinforce
> the very stereotypes we're trying to destroy: that "free" means
> cheaply made and not worth the trouble.  We want people to be
> reassured and comfortable (as much as possible) with trusting their
> important (and expensive!) hardware to this new (to them) thing.

The reason I've posted it for peer review, is because I'm dyslexic and I
figured people would be able to pick problems out. But the way you've
said the copy is so bad to be unprofessional, makes me feel very bad.
Why did you have to say it like that?

> We might consider just saying "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu, a Linux-based
> operating system".  Of course we need to get the idea that it's free
> in there too.

Free Software is actually more important than Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an
excellent distro. But free software and the understanding of what it is,
empowers people to look for themselves. We're not just about spoon
feeding technical choices to people.

> One last thing: if we can fit it in I think the livecd concept is a
> great thing: letting people know they can try it on their computer
> before installing anything at all and with no obligations might
> convince some to give it a try who would otherwise stay away.

I think this would drag away from the main concept of the poster. It's
advertising classes. It doesn't need to contain the actual class

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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