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Wed Jan 28 20:54:43 GMT 2009

On Wed, 2009-01-28 at 11:48 -0500, Martin Owens wrote:

> Hello all,
> OK, given some of the odd comments, I think the svg isn't comming
> through right.
> So I'm posting a png version of it rendered, so you guys can see what
> the whole thing looks like. This should look different enough for you to
> have another look?

Ah, that's MUCH better.  Odd.  Not only is the font in this version
different (and it fits well into the tag) but in the SVG version I saw
all the screenshots in the middle were missing.  It was just an empty
gray band.  The PNG version looks great!

I still have my same comments with the text content, though.  I think
it's _critical_ to get this part right.  IMO it looks really
unprofessional to have grammar and phrasing problems in posters and
handouts like this, and that can only serve to play into and reinforce
the very stereotypes we're trying to destroy: that "free" means cheaply
made and not worth the trouble.  We want people to be reassured and
comfortable (as much as possible) with trusting their important (and
expensive!) hardware to this new (to them) thing.

I think Ralph's suggestions are great, although rather than:

        Your answer may be found in Free Software (FOSS); specifically
        Ubuntu Linux.
        Ubuntu Linux is a complete modern operating system for desktop
        and laptop computers.
        Thousands of software packages are included or free to install
        with a few easy clicks.

We might consider just saying "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu, a Linux-based
operating system".  Of course we need to get the idea that it's free in
there too.

I recommend folks take a look at the text; although we don't
want to use it verbatim of course there are some great ideas for simple

One last thing: if we can fit it in I think the livecd concept is a
great thing: letting people know they can try it on their computer
before installing anything at all and with no obligations might convince
some to give it a try who would otherwise stay away.
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