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I use the Simple Compiz Configuration Manager (Under System/Preferences)
and click the tab for Animations. I have mine set to random but if you
just want the fire, choose the Burn option.

Jim O'Beirne

On Fri, 2009-01-23 at 09:33 -0800, felicia wichrowski wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> I headed off on my 108 mile trek to see Martin in Boston and it was
> outstanding!
> I will tell you he's one brilliant guy and sweet as pie.  Some
> highlights...
> installed the Compiz software and enabled the cube...could not find
> the option that makes windows flame when closing them.  Does anyone
> know where that one is?
> Installed Fonty Python  and installed all my fonts...turns out Ubuntu
> really needs improvement in font management.  Can't wait to use them
> with Gimp and Scribus
> we tricked everything out in Pink and fancy icons
> F-Spot  photo management is, well, as the young people say it sucks.
> I am going to try Digikam, and will report back on it
> My Lexmark printer is not recognized...that's OK for now until Lexmark
> realizes life is just not Mac or PC?  and my Samsung prints very dark
> from Ubunbtu so that needs further investigation.  I think I have to
> find some one to write a color profile for me.
> now the morning before Boston my touch pad went weird...could not get
> control of the pointer.  Wireless mouse works Ok.  Touchpad is
> sensitive but I'm adjusting to it.  But pointer is all over the
> place....can't function this way.
> We installed newest.....the 8.10.  and called Dell to arrange new
> keyboard.
> them a dialog box popped up...(with Mozilla logo) this was called the
> Caret browser...something about installing a curser over text and I
> did not want to install that.   why in the world would it pop up???
> It was impossible to get rid of.
> Called Dell tech support  (THURS) and they said it was a VIRUS from
> installing a new version of Ubuntu....I confirmed that I had reached
> Ubuntu support an the man said yes...I had a Virus from updating my
> operating system, I should uninstall it, then reinstall it.   I did
> not have faith in this diagnosis. I regretably turned off my new
> laptop.
> The tech just left my house (Friday) having installed the new keyboard
> and touch pad.
> Still can't control pointer with touch pad, just as bad as before.
> works with mouse but I want my laptop to function with the touchpad.
> as well.  I think that with close to 2 grand I spent on this system I
> should receive that function.  Well the tech's job was done, as far as
> he was concerned the keyboard was fine.  And it may well be.  He
> suggested I call for a copy of Vista to test it out, and that is was
> the fault of the guy who wrote the Ubuntu system.  That's why my touch
> pad dosen't work and I have a Virus.   So anyways...  that "Caret
> Browsing" box just keeps mulitplying....can't get rid of it, cant get
> to the net or do anything.   I still have my old windows Lattitude but
> the lease is up and it has to go back.  I'm in a kinda bad spot I
> guess.  
> I am planning to come back to Boston for the meeting on the 29th  (I
> am allowed to attend I hope).  I will be representing my area as 
> LLCC  Linux Lovers  Cape Cod
> or
> OMCLE  Outer Most Cape Linux Enthusists...
> well that actually  sounds like some kind of delicious Bulgarian
> dumpling so  I guess I'll be representing as the LLCC.   By next year
> we will number in the 100s, with matching satin jackets or something.
> I look forward to future communications with you all.
> Felicia
> CapesTreasures.com
> CatLadyDiary.com
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