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Fri Jan 23 17:33:59 GMT 2009

Greetings everyone!
I headed off on my 108 mile trek to see Martin in Boston and it was outstanding!
I will tell you he's one brilliant guy and sweet as pie.  Some highlights...

installed the Compiz software and enabled the cube...could not find  the option that makes windows flame when closing them.  Does anyone know where that one is?

Installed Fonty Python  and installed all my fonts...turns out Ubuntu really needs improvement in font management.  Can't wait to use them with Gimp and Scribus

we tricked everything out in Pink and fancy icons

F-Spot  photo management is, well, as the young people say it sucks.
I am going to try Digikam, and will report back on it

My Lexmark printer is not recognized...that's OK for now until Lexmark realizes life is just not Mac or PC?  and my Samsung prints very dark from Ubunbtu so that needs further investigation.  I think I have to find some one to write a color profile for me.

now the morning before Boston my touch pad went weird...could not get control of the pointer.  Wireless mouse works Ok.  Touchpad is sensitive but I'm adjusting to it.  But pointer is all over the place....can't function this way.

We installed newest.....the 8.10.  and called Dell to arrange new  keyboard.
them a dialog box popped up...(with Mozilla logo) this was called the
Caret browser...something about installing a curser over text and I did not want to install that.   why in the world would it pop up???  It was impossible to get rid of.

Called Dell tech support  (THURS) and they said it was a VIRUS from installing a new version of Ubuntu....I confirmed that I had reached Ubuntu support an the man said yes...I had a Virus from updating my operating system, I should uninstall it, then reinstall it.   I did not have faith in this diagnosis. I regretably turned off my new laptop.

The tech just left my house (Friday) having installed the new keyboard and touch pad.
Still can't control pointer with touch pad, just as bad as before.  works with mouse but I want my laptop to function with the touchpad. as well.  I think that with close to 2 grand I spent on this system I should receive that function.  Well the tech's job was done, as far as he was concerned the keyboard was fine.  And it may well be.  He suggested I call for a copy of Vista to test it out, and that is was the fault of the guy who wrote the Ubuntu system.  That's why my touch pad dosen't work and I have a Virus.   So anyways...  that "Caret Browsing" box just keeps mulitplying....can't get rid of it, cant get to the net or do anything.   I still have my old windows Lattitude but the lease is up and it has to go back.  I'm in a kinda bad spot I guess.  

I am planning to come back to Boston for the meeting on the 29th  (I am allowed to attend I hope).  I will be representing my area as 

LLCC  Linux Lovers  Cape Cod


OMCLE  Outer Most Cape Linux Enthusists...
well that actually  sounds like some kind of delicious Bulgarian dumpling so  I guess I'll be representing as the LLCC.   By next year we will number in the 100s, with matching satin jackets or something.  I look forward to future communications with you all.



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