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Ill be running a little lat as usual. Class till 645. But will be along as soon as I find parking. 
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Dear Ubuntu Advocates of Massachusetts,

Out first 2009 meeting will be 1 week from today, 2009-01-29, Thursday
29th January 2009.

The main topic of conversation will be about getting more involved and
revising our tactics for becoming more internally coherent as well as
hearing from Mike Rushton (leftyfb) about our main objectives and the
tactics we should employ to achieve them.

Chair: Martin Owens
Keyboard Jocky: None
Nibbles: There will be some sweet things and liquids to consume.

The Agenda so far is as follows:

 * Introductions (everyone)
 * Current Programs (Martin)
  - SETC Teach Program
 * Objectives (Mike)
  - Schools and Education
  - General Public
 * Open Floor (everyone)

Please post to the list if you'd like to bring up a topic. Hope to see
you all there!

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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