Good news and yet another challenge,,ugh ;-)

jimi o'beirne jimobeirne at
Mon Jan 19 17:58:27 GMT 2009

Good news. I have finally been able to get Ubuntu 8.10 installed on my
Dell XPS 710 system using the Alternate CD from the DVD I got from the
latest copy of Linux Journal. The challenge had been that I have an
NVidia RAID 0 config but with the Alternate CD it had dmraid preloaded
and it installs pretty easily, including installing GRUB and recognizing
my preinstalled WinXP system so I can dual boot. Sweet :)

Now, my newest challenge. I boot in and can do the updates, etc.
BUT,,,,I have 2x NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX (768mb each) in SLI config with
another $400 graphics accelerator card installed. Yep, that's over a
thousand dollars worth of graphics folks. The problem is, I try enabling
the NVidia 177 drivers (recommended) and reboot to find myself with the
"No resume image, doing normal boot"

Which basically drops me out of gnome and into the term prompt.

Rather than enumerating all the steps I have already tried and the
wiki's, etc I have dug through (suffice it to say that I am just about
to run through the Alt CD install process for the 14th time, yes, number
14! I have gotten very quickly to be proficient with both the Live CD
install and the Alt CD install processes), I'm hoping that someone could
shed a little light on what I could do to get my vid card functioning

On a side note, I will say that this system has quad core procs
overclocked to 3.2ghz with 4g RAM and when I am in the Ubuntu install,
WOW!! This is what computing was supposed to be like! Talk about freeing
up your hardware to really scream! Had Vista on it, (cough, hack, spit,
choke!!!) downgraded to XP, (a little better), but with Ubuntu.....ya

Any help with this video/graphics "challenge" would be greatly
appreciated!! I'd LOVE to have this really kicking with all the bells
and whistles ;-) (read Compiz, hehe....)

Jim O'Beirne
Very quickly becoming less and less of a noob,....

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