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This sounds like your problem:

That bug has been around since Hardy. They now JUST fixed it in upstream
and plan on patching it in Jaunty with possibly backport to Intrepid.
The bug affects quite a few different things including nautilus, samba,

Ralph deGennaro wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a very mixed environment of Windows machines, Mac's and Linux
> machines at work and home.  I've gotten SAMBA to work on all of them for
> both sharing-out (serving) files as well as finding and accessing
> (client) files on other computers.
> One set of things that I've started to do that are reliable steps is to:
>    1. manually install samba (sudo apt-get install samba)
>    2. use a standard smb.conf (here
>       <> is the
>       one I start with)
>    3. modify appropriate section in the smb.conf & save
>    4. restart the computer
> The link, btw, is to my own company's website.  We're going through
> changes in direction, projects, etc.  But I will put up redirection
> links when the time comes.
> One thing that I've not had much success though is with shares that
> require authentication through Nautilus.  And now I should apologize if
> I'm getting too obvious.  Nautilus is the default "file manager" in
> Ubuntu.  It servers the same function as Windows Explorer.  Most new
> Windows machines (Vista) will have some type of permissions built-in
> now; also I'm in a shared network workspace so add permissions. 
> Nautilus does not seem to list these shares (so if all have permissions
> setup, none will show in Places -> Network). 
> I mostly use KDE (another desktop environment, which uses Dolphin
> instead of Nautlius).  KDE allows you to specify the username/password. 
> All the people I know using Gnome/Nautilus don't worry about sharing or
> I ask their help.  :-)  So I have never bothered to track down a
> solution for Nautilus in Gnome. 
> Maybe someone else on the mailing list can help out in this regard.  I
> know that's my problem, and may be related to Ed's as well.
> Best,
> Rio
> p.s.  I had shared out my HP 6P printer for anyone in my shared
> workspace.  Recently updates with Windows XP and Vista seem to have
> disabled thier printing.  It seems to be because the workgroup of my
> Ubuntu server and everyone else's machines are different.  Not sure that
> tidbit will help, but its "keep in the back of your head" type info. 
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 8:05 AM, jimi o'beirne <jimobeirne at
> <mailto:jimobeirne at>> wrote:
>     I use Samba on my Ubuntu system to share to Windows and can easily
>     access my Windows dirs from Places/Network.
>     Have also installed my Canon MP830 all in one and my HP laser Jet 4
>     Plus from my windows box onto my Ubuntu and can printer from both.
>     (With the HPLJ I had to do some digging but found the trick was to
>     use the "HP LaserJet 4 Plus Foomatic/ljet4" driver)
>     Jim O'Beirne
>     On Tue, 2009-01-06 at 09:10 -0500, Martin Owens wrote:
>>     There are some very standard ways to access windows network shares from
>>     Ubuntu.
>>     What methods have you tried? I've re-posted this to our mailing list for
>>     greater audience.
>>     Best Regards, Martin Owens
>>     On Mon, 2009-01-05 at 23:28 -0500, ED LU wrote:
>>     > Hi Martin,
>>     > 
>>     > Happy New Year!
>>     > 
>>     > I am writing to see if there is a way to restore or rescue my previous
>>     > home network after the XP admin computer was converted to
>>     > ubuntu... :(... i know it was totally my stupidity... 
>>     > 
>>     > what happened was i saved all the files from the admin computer to the
>>     > home network but now i can't access from my other windows computer
>>     > which is on the network...
>>     > 
>>     > Now my question is: did i do anything damaging... how could i resolve
>>     > this. how to reestablish the old home network with the ubuntu
>>     > computer?
>>     > 
>>     > I am so sorry to bother you again...
>>     > 
>>     > Thanks,
>>     > 
>>     > Ed
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