[ubuntu-us-ma] Two Week Notice: Team Meeting 2009-02-26

Algot Runeman algot.runeman at verizon.net
Thu Feb 12 21:23:57 GMT 2009

Hi, All:
I updated the Meetings page so it shows the same next meeting info as 
the main page. Does the typical meeting day need to be updated? I 
thought at the Jan meeting it was identified as 3rd Thursday. Page 
currently says 4th Tues.

Martin Owens wrote:
> Hey Ubuntu Advocates,
> This is your two week advanced notice of the team meeting at MIT Media
> Lab. Make sure to put your attendance and any items you want to talk
> about on the wiki page. Full details about location, maps and times are
> also on the wiki page:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/Minutes/2009-02-26
> One of the first items we'll be talking about is our action items. Those
> things we wanted to do, they make their way to this page once the
> meeting is done and the minuets are formated:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/ActionItems
> Anything on here that isn't done, we'll go over any problems, weather we
> were biting off more than we could do etc. Anything that we've done;
> Those involved are invited to share what they've learned from it.
> Hope to see you at the meeting.
> Best Regards, Martin Owens
> P.S. Mike, it's over to you to post this to the forum, edit it however
> you want.

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