[ubuntu-us-ma] special guest next meeting

Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Wed Feb 11 15:02:17 GMT 2009

Next meeting (2009-02-26) we will have a special guest, Walter Bender,
who will be talking about a project his Sugar Labs is working on: Sugar
on an [Ubuntu] stick. 

The overall idea is to provide an easy way for kids to bring Sugar with
them along with all their files/activities. This can be inexpensively
given to kids so they can take it home to use on any computers they may
have there.

Additionally, Walter will be talking about some local-area projects to
work with schools to get these in the hands of kids. He's looking for
people interested in helping spread these great technologies to the
local communities around Boston and other areas.

This should be a great opportunity to see what others in the community
are trying to bring more GNU/Linux into the education world. If you are
an educator or know anyone who is interested in these ideas, come along!

Some starters:
Try Ubuntu+Sugar on a stick!

Steve Pomeroy
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