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Fri Dec 18 02:33:18 GMT 2009

e and the community not because they like the philosophy. =C2=A0Even<br>a u=
ser friendly user interface takes time to learn and change usually<br>comes=
 with resistance. =C2=A0Users need a motivation to change that they<br>

can get when they recognize the benefits and experience them directly<br>ra=
ther then being presented in an abstract way.<br><br>Target your audience -=
 if you are speaking to arty types then present<br>the multi-media compatib=
ilities, if speaking to science folks then<br>

focus on the large amount of scientific software available. =C2=A0Don&#39;t=
<br>just talk about this software - show them.<br><br>Just my two cents.</b=
lockquote><br>-- <br>.danny<br><br>=E2=98=AE=E2=99=A5=E2=92=B6 - <a href=3D=

Every (in)decision matters. <br>


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