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Dear member,

As you know, we've been collecting videos from prominent FSF members and
supporters on the importance of the free software movement and FSF's work.
 We just received an excellent video from legal scholar Lawrence
Lessig--it's short and really worth watching:


If you like it as much as we do, promote it on Reddit and Digg:

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* Reddit:

This is big-picture.  Lessig calls our movement "the most important work
for freedom that this culture... has seen in many many generations"
because it is "defining the contours of freedom" that most people will

Lessig also explains how free software inspires and provides a basis for
work (like his own work as founder of Creative Commons) to further expand
freedom in areas like music, art, education and science.

This video is great for people who know about Creative Commons but don't
know the free software movement, or for people who know what free software
is, but don't grasp the vision behind it.  Please, share it with your
friends and colleagues:


It's great that Lessig is renewing his support and membership this year
and doing so in such a public way. If you haven't yet, please join Lessig
in renewing your membership now or donating an extra amount during our
year-end appeal. 2009 has been a tough year for non-profits, and FSF is no
exception, so we're especially thankful for your support.


Happy Hacking!

Peter and the Free Software Foundation team

Peter Brown
Executive Director
Free Software Foundation
www.fsf.org www.gnu.org


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