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Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Sat Aug 29 07:52:16 BST 2009

Awesome, looks like i got through to someone this time! (How) should i
respond to this email?

Also, i was thinking of doing a blog post about our plans and arranging our
list of ideas by how much money they would cost and then linking each item
to a fundraising goal on the point <http://www.thepoint.com/> (threshold
pledge site i mentioned in an email thread a while ago) to allow people help
us not rely on System76 as much. I could pitch Ubuntu as the OS for anime
lovers, etc, etc and see how much support we can gain. There are 20,000
people we could reach if we're really successful. What do you think? I'll
write a draft and run it by you guys

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 13:37, System76 Support <tom at system76.com> wrote:

> Hi, Danny.
> That definitely sounds like fun, but it is difficult to gage upper
> management interest in it. I'm forwarding your email to the appropriate
> folks, and they will contact you if they are interested.
> Best Regards,
> Tom Aaron
> System 76 Sales and Support
> support at system76.com
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> Subject: Anime Boston Sponsorship
> Hello,
> My name is Danny from the Ubuntu Massachusetts Team and i'm writing to ask
> if we could work together for holding a booth at Anime Boston 2010 in April.
> Last year, we went in and dropped off 50 copies of the Ubunchu Manga with
> Jaunty CDs attached and they were all gone within the first couple of hours
> of the first day of the convention (it seemed to be the only thing on the
> flyer table that people actually wanted). Over 15,000 people attended in
> 2009 and the number goes up every year. Convention goers are a great target
> audience who are very open minded and receptive to Ubuntu. This year, we'd
> like to get a booth in the dealer's room, but unfortunately, there are no
> discounts for non-profits. We've already come up with a lot of ideas so far
> on what we could offer:
>    • Freebies (distribute them in registration bags so that every single
> convention attendee receives one)
>        • Ubuntu LiveCDs with stickers referring to our LoCo and System76
>        • Copies of the Ubunchu manga
>        • Bochures on Ubuntu, System76, and our LoCo
>> Demonstrations     • Talk to people about free software and our LoCo,
> promoting Ubuntu, and recommending System76
>    • Sell USB drives with Ubuntu loaded on them *
>    • Raffle/auction a customized System76 laptop with laser-etched Anime
> Boston design and anime themes *
>    • Sell some System76 computers with anime themes (wallpapers from here
> and here ) *
>    • Sell other Ubuntu merchandise *
>    • Get everything on video (i have a full HD camcorder)
>    • Make Ubuntu the preferred OS for anime lovers!
> * needs additional funding
> I might also be signing up for a tech staff or volunteer position at the
> event so i can be an inside man spreading Ubuntu and recommending System76
> to everyone running the convention (during one of the main events at the
> last one, i remember hearing Windows error sounds!). This has a lot of
> potential so please write back if you're interested in a partnership for the
> event!
> Thank You~
> .danny
> --
> ☮♥Ⓐ - http://www.google.com/profiles/danny.piccirillo

☮♥Ⓐ - http://www.google.com/profiles/danny.piccirillo
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