[ubuntu-us-ma] Arisia Convention part four

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 13:43:57 BST 2009

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 5:26 PM, felicia
wichrowski<felicia02652 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe the Loco won't have to pay another $100, since we are in the same
> room.  I think each person must buy a $35. membership to get in.   If on the
> longshot they don't approve me, will the loco be stuck?    I will seek
> clarification.

I suspect we can register as a vendor sharing room AFTER you get
accepted -- the folks assigned rooms need to not exceed the number of
rooms, but after that if folks volunteer to pay to be listed
subleases, it's nearly gravy for them.

alternatively, if we aren't on the list, we can put up posters
   UBUNTU - FREE IN ROOM 3xx (with $whatever_you_call_your_shop)

per-person reg is required for going almost anywhere else, and highly
recommended, but since this is Felicia's private hotel room, she does
not have to require badges to enter.
   (Arisia is different in that there is not a consolidated sales area
with set hours -- aside from the official shirt, membership, and book
vendor --  but rather village of shops that the shopkeepers open and
close as they choose to sleep in their shop. In Hyatt Zigguratt, the
village is the third floor supramezzanine, which is just one stair
flight above upper meeting and dining floor)

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