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WILHELM F ZANTOW vze1urce at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 01:36:41 BST 2009

Hi Danny  I am Interested in the Build Ubuntu Machines Part and perhaps
either side of that.  It seems a shame to throw away what would have been
million dollar machines with only 16 K of core and filled a small room when
I started at IBM.  I bet 99% of the users out there only need .5 gig of core
and a couple of  20 gig  of hard disks and would think they were in
heaven!!  BillZ      <wil.zan at verizon.net>   ps(I am on the mailing list but
I forget how)

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 8:05 PM, Danny Piccirillo <
danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone!
> A while back i brought up the idea in the irc channel about starting an
> Geek Squad alternative that would cater exclusively to Ubuntu. I said i
> would write up a business plan but i wanted to discuss it with the entire
> team first.
> Why a business? Community is great, but can only go so far. A business can
> really be more focused and provide a more professional image to Ubuntu
> rather than the OS for enthusiasts. It wouldn't take away form the
> community-- if anything, it would grow it.
> Scope:
>    - Ubuntu support (bi-yearly to perform upgrades?)
>    - Ubuntu conversions
>    - Build Ubuntu machines
>    - Re-sell System76 machines
>    - Computer advice
> Who is interested? What do we need to get this started? What kind of
> business plan do we need to have? Are we looking for investors?
> Oh, and we need an awesome name =]
> .danny
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