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Wed Sep 17 06:49:15 BST 2008


I love the idea.  And would really like to stuff my existing job if I (and
others) could get to what he talks about.

The hardest part (well there are many hard parts, but the hardest) is
centered around this quote:
"Who supports the interested individual when they find themselves in a bind?
This one is key – if you're not willing to support the OS in this venue, do
not bother promote it."

Even his other comments about business versus non-profit reign true.  I had
the idea of a "confederacy" of businesses around for the Boston area.
Bringing FOSS to the local community in different way then install fests and
the like.  If many consultants/small business in FOSS could pool resources
and efforts to be seen, relevant, and as capable as the big companies it
would be something.

Anyways, its 1:50AM, my eyes and head are bleary from data manipulation and
I'm surprised my head hasn't hit the keyboard or written something stupid.
Or maybe it has....

G'night all,

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Jonathan M. Prigot <jprigot at>wrote:

>  Re: our Ubuntu demo. This just passed my "desk". Let me know what you
> think.
>   --
> Jonathan M. Prigot <jprigot at>
> On Tue, 2008-09-16 at 09:54 -0400, Ralph deGennaro wrote:
> Hi all,
> Danny, thanks for putting up the email I sent as the meeting notes.  And
> thanks for the offering to do the meeting minutes.
> Did anyone think of any places for the Street Showcase?  Some other
> thoughts:
>    - Potentially I could use my old laptop that my girlfriend is using.  I
>    think I broke the wireless on the Ubuntu side a bit back though.
>    - The place would have to be near wireless we could "borrow" or have
>    access to for a while.  I've heard that all Panara Bread's offer free
>    wireless.  Anyone know of one that is in a good location?  Or a cafe in a
>    good location, and we just all chip in for a few hours of internet time?
>    - I might be able to get a hold of projector, as long as I can
>    guarantee its secure (even if that just means I sit next to it all the
>    time).
>    - I might be able to convince a friend who doe a/v editing to film with
>    his digital camera.  Might be a good opportunity to show him Linux
>    equivalents.
> For the Mom & Pop idea, I've kinda slammed at work.  I haven't forgotten
> about the idea.  I just haven't had time to do much more then some quick
> searches.  Hopefully I will get my head above water by the weekend.  And
> some type of package will start to form.
> Oh, and layout the few places I know of already.  Someone out there has got
> to know of some places that aren't in my usual travels.... anyone?
> Best,
> Rio
>  On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 12:25 PM, Danny Piccirillo <
> danny.piccirillo at> wrote:
>  I created a new wiki page for the upcoming meeting
>   I'll start maintaining the wiki again too.
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