LoCo Events you'd like to see?

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 01:32:44 BST 2008


Cool gear, cool idea. way to go!

given the usual weather for HoCR, I might have put a solar event on a
different race day given free choice, but it never is unconstrained is
it? I have worked HoCR (in a safety boat as radio op), and the day
typically goes from chill brisk to warm to hot to wet to freezing, so
while the otterboxes will protect the net gear, take care to
waterproof the people, and use layers.

That said, sounds fun, and I hope for everyone including the MIT Flea
that the weather is good.

do warn folks coming to visit you about (the lack of) parking onRace
day. Alewife our Brantree/qouincy garages and redline to central, then


On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Brian DeLacey <bdelacey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ralph,
> Great to see your interest and desire to rally the Ubuntu community.
> This weekend, I'm working on an event involving lots of Ubuntu - details/map
> at www.solarwirelessmile.com. This will take place right alongside the Head
> of the Charles race; we have a permit to use Corporal Burns Park.
> There will be plenty of educational opportunity around this event. If it
> works I'll look into doing this sort of thing again around the time of the
> Boston Marathon, the next visit of the Tall Ships or other similar community
> events.
> Ubuntu's versatility will be evident - running on desktops, laptops, and
> netbooks. In addition, Ubuntu has been an integral part of the process we've
> used to configure the wireless / mesh routers we'll use to provide free wifi
> access.
> So here's an open invitation to anyone and everyone who'd like to come by
> and engage in discussion and/or help at this outdoor event.
> Brian
> On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Ralph deGennaro <rmdegennaro at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Okay, here is my more serious email.  And I'm "wearing my heart on my
>> sleeve" so to speak with this one.
>> I've been on the periphery of FOSS for many years.   And I've helped as I
>> can here and there, but I really want to do more.  And though I can code, I
>> know I'm not true developer.  My true skills lie in other areas.
>> So, I'd really like to build an event.  I guess the Exploration was
>> cancelled because of lack of man-power.  I hope we'd give the idea another
>> try.  Now I don't know the history of things, but I'm willing to help do the
>> planning, organizing whatever.  I'm also willing to spearhead it too if that
>> is necessary.  But all only if people think its worth trying to do.
>> As a side note, it doesn't have to be the Exploration.  If the community
>> can rally behind another idea, that's cool with me.  I enjoy the doing
>> (especially if its behind something I believe in).  Not necessarily what it
>> actually is, but being active for something important to me....
>> Basically, back to the point, is that I'm saying I'm at everyone's
>> disposal, just give me a direction to start running....  I can find my own
>> way, but I'd rather know upfront the community is behind it....
>> -Rio
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