LoCo Events you'd like to see?

Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 18:24:59 BST 2008

Hi all,

Okay, here is my more serious email.  And I'm "wearing my heart on my
sleeve" so to speak with this one.

I've been on the periphery of FOSS for many years.   And I've helped as I
can here and there, but I really want to do more.  And though I can code, I
know I'm not true developer.  My true skills lie in other areas.

So, I'd really like to build an event.  I guess the Exploration was
cancelled because of lack of man-power.  I hope we'd give the idea another
try.  Now I don't know the history of things, but I'm willing to help do the
planning, organizing whatever.  I'm also willing to spearhead it too if that
is necessary.  But all only if people think its worth trying to do.

As a side note, it doesn't have to be the Exploration.  If the community can
rally behind another idea, that's cool with me.  I enjoy the doing
(especially if its behind something I believe in).  Not necessarily what it
actually is, but being active for something important to me....

Basically, back to the point, is that I'm saying I'm at everyone's disposal,
just give me a direction to start running....  I can find my own way, but
I'd rather know upfront the community is behind it....

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