I'm A PC

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 15:37:00 BST 2008

It sounds a little crule and may remind some people of why they hated
school. Negative emotional adverts are not good, it may make them

The idea I had was to get an XKCD animated people with some voice actors
with one of them being suprised by their friend's use of ubuntu.
Followed by the:

"why doesn't everyone know about this?"

"no idea, no adverts I guess"

"Hey everyone! Why don't you know about this?"

this would then launch into the screen, showing off various tools with
each facet of compiz being a different too (properly annotated) to some
upbeat music, possibly a mashup.

Regards, Martin

On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 10:14 -0400, Ralph deGennaro wrote:
> Something fun off the top of my head (and something more serious later
> today)...  
> Anyone interested in making a commercial?
> Setting: playground in the city, camera angle against a handball court
> or basketball net or something.  Towards the bottom corners you see
> the back of two heads, scraggly kid looking hair.  A voice of one of
> the kids speaks up and say: "Ok, I'll take you."  
> That kid, as he steps out of line, says "I'm a PC and I run Ubuntu".  
> Another voice comes up and says "Hmm, I'll take you."
> So the chosen kid steps and says "Sweet, I'm a PC and I run Fedora."
> And on through the line, until one kid is standing there....  The two
> captains are saying "Um, well, I, uh, hmm, we're even, so, uh..."
> Finally the left-out kid says "I'm a PC and I run Windows".
> Hopefully some of you are smiling....
> -Rio

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