Ubuntu 8.10 Beta

Aaron Haviland orion at parsed.net
Fri Oct 10 04:42:41 BST 2008

Brian DeLacey wrote, on Oct 09, 2008 at 23:21 EDT:
> What kind of experiences have people had with the 8.10 beta? Any early
> impressions?
> I've found it to be a solid beta release - the best yet by far. Serious
> blockers from the past have been cleanly fixed and overall it feels lighter,
> faster and friendlier.
> I've had good luck installing the beta and subsequent updates on a
> half-dozen test machines - including varied Netbook, Laptop, and Desktop
> configs.
> Hoping others have good luck as well,
> Brian

I'm actually having issues booting the new kernels on my laptop, but I haven't the
opportunity to investigate.

As far as I can tell, it's in kernel, pre-initrd, that it hangs, and the only way to
break out is any keyboard input. I find myself repeatedly hitting shift or control...

Otherwise, it seems a decent bit smoother.

Aaron Haviland
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