help needed upgrading

Martin Owens doctormo at
Tue Nov 4 13:31:49 GMT 2008

> This message refers to 'malformed release file[s]: how can I discover 
> which ones, and remedy the problem?

Your errors sound bad, they sounds like the sources.list has been
mangled. Have you tried to change the source mirror in System >
Administration > Software Sources; this may fix your problem.

> I have downloaded the ISO images of the GUI install and the alternate 
> install disks for 8.10 --- but am unsure how to proceed to install 
> [upgrade to] Intrepid without chancing losing all my documents and 
> graphics files on my hard drive.
> For some reason the gui install disk hangs up right away - on hitting 
> enter from the first screen. The alternate does not seem to have any 
> such problem with my system but as I say, i am unsure how to proceed, 
> and really do not want to risk having to recreate all those forms & 
> documents [guess I'd better make back up disks of them] and likewise 
> with all my family photos & other graphics files.   

If you are very worried, then you should come down to the South End
Technology Center on Tuesdays (tonight for example) there I can help you
(and anyone else) figure out problems with their install.

Dont worry about bringing laptop or desktop machine. Plenty of cables,
monitors to hook things up to.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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