next weekend's event

Martin Owens doctormo at
Thu May 15 02:57:56 BST 2008

I was a supprised as anyone to find out that we weren't going to have
our meeting last month.

That's the time when we should have been sorting it out. But I don't
think Steve has been keeping on top of all the arrangements for this
event as it's lord and master. Unless I'm also out of the loop.

Let us know what's going on guys.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

2008/5/14 Aaron Haviland <orion at>:
> It's probably just my paranoid nature, but I've seen scarce little discussion on this
> list preparing the actual details of our Install Fest^W^WExploration.
> Did anyone prepare a poster this time? Do we have anyone coming to speak? etc. etc.
> I'm hoping most of this was discussed at whatever meetings I've been missing, but on
> the off-chance it wasn't, I'm just commenting to kick everyone into gear so we're
> ready in 10 days.
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