MA LoCo Meeting Thursday March 27th, 2008

Daniel Hollocher ubuntu-us-ma at
Thu Mar 27 19:19:42 GMT 2008

Hey deviousdragen, and all,
Thanks for the directions, cya tonight!


On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 1:50 PM, deviousdragen <deviousdragen at>

> hey dan
> Map:
> Photo:
> this is the
> building you'll be looking for. 20 Ames Street. There is a lot called "east
> lot" next to building 68 that we normally park in. It's off of Main Street.
> I'm pretty sure it's free after 5 or 6. I know it's free on weekends.
> Anyways, if your unsure, there is always parking garages...that you can pay
> to park. Just be careful of "parking by permit"...
> When you get to the building, don't go down the stairs, go up, or up the
> ramp. The doors should have a sign that has someone's phone number
> (probably, Steve) and the mention of "Massachusetts Ubuntu Team Meeting"...
> Someone will be down to meet up with you.
> I believe we meet on the second floor in the conference room.
> Good luck! And See you there!
> Sara Abbott (aka Deviousdragen)
> Perhaps this e-mail made it to the group this time...

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