Participate in 5-a-Day!

Yuriy Kozlov yuriy.kozlov at
Tue Mar 25 01:33:26 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I just noticed that 5-a-Day now includes an option to add your LoCo
team name so LoCos can compete/participate in triaging bugs.
Ubuntu-michigan and Kubuntu-de are helping out quite a bit.  I think
this is something some people on the MA team can participate in when
they have some free time, if you aren't already working on organizing
events or writing a support tool ; )

5-a-Day is an initiative to regularly triage bugs in launchpad -- work
on 5 bug reports a day.  Bug triage is an easy way to contribute to
Ubuntu.  It helps generate useful bug reports so the developers can
more efficiently fix the bugs.

See the instructions on the wiki on how to get started with 5-a-day.
At the bottom it tells you where to put the team name (ubuntu-us-ma)
so that your work gets counted for our team.

~ Yuriy

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