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Mon Mar 3 03:33:20 GMT 2008

Hey Aaron,
I'm not totally sure of what to make of your email.  I have no idea what
meeting is like, so its hard for me to judge what to do.  Here are my
thoughts: At least a few weeks before the meeting, I can post a summary, and
instructions on how to run a demo.  In whatever presentation I make, I will
assume that you have looked at those postings, and that you have an
understanding of what the current code does, in a basic way.  With that, I
can just focus on what my inspiration for the project was, and where I see
the project going.

And to satisfy your desire for hints, here is the core vision (in one line):
Instead of hiding the command line, have GUIs teach the command line.
You can also check out the launchpad site where I have been posting the


On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 6:38 PM, Aaron Haviland <orion at> wrote:

> Daniel Hollocher wrote, on Mar 02, 2008 at 16:01 EST:
> > I'd love to give a quick demo, and explain some of the philosophy behind
> the
> > idea, and then get some feedback from you guys.
> My questions at this point revolve around the fact that you haven't even
> hinted in
> your email what your ideas are, and I have no idea wheather I should give
> it any more
> thought than my current response.
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