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Daniel Hollocher ubuntu-us-ma at
Sun Mar 2 21:01:18 GMT 2008

Hello all,
I'm fairly new to this list.  I've been lurking throughout your install
fest, and that school thing, whatever that was.  I originally joined hoping
to present an idea that I had for Ubuntu.  That hope was to present it to
some live faces.

I've already posted on the forums, coded up a demo, followed procedure, but
there seems to be allot of noise that I'm not sure how to break through.

I'd love to give a quick demo, and explain some of the philosophy behind the
idea, and then get some feedback from you guys.

Let me know if this makes sense,

PS - +1 on an exploration of RoR.  I would request some negative commentary
against RoR (some devil's advocate kind of stuff).  When I first heard of
it, I read the online book, and bought and read some other book on it.
Then, when I talked to a few people about it, it seemed a little
over-hyped.  One guy advocated python to me.  It ended up not mattering
because I needed a CMS anyway, but I'm still interested in RoR.
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