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Martin Owens doctormo at
Thu Jun 12 17:12:36 BST 2008

Welcome Ralph "Rio" deGennaro,

It's great to see so many new faces. And a DBA if I ever I heard one too!

Best Regards, Martin Owens

2008/6/12 Ralph deGennaro <rmdegennaro at>:
> Hi everyone,
> Yes "Rio", and if you say my last name out loud you will probably get
> why I have that nickname.  If not, think of a city in Brazil.  ;-)
> A bit of formal introduction below, and a few other things first.  I do
> hope to meet everyone that was at the SETC and everyone else
> face-to-face at some point.  I also encourage people to introduce
> themselves to me if they want.  Most people say I'm an easy guy to get
> along with.  I'm also the type to try his hand at anything.  If you've
> got a cool idea, especially about linux, and you understand who is
> jumping in, I'd love to jump in.
> So, now some more info about whom might be jumping in...
> I graduated with a degree in Psychology, but pretty much worked my way
> through college doing tech-support work and some dBase III+
> programming.  I was stuck in a Windows world for along time, but it
> didn't scare me too bad.  I did get to learn alot about the internals of
> Win 3.1, Win NT as well as Paradox at the time.
> To fast forward a bit, my career has kept me a jack of all trades (in
> computers at least).  I've worked in various capacities at mostly
> software companies, but in the past 5 years or so have worked on the IT
> side in other companies.  Technically, I seem to have kept work with
> databases in general, and "omni-philic" for OS administration.  My daily
> work includes different DBMS's on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.  I do
> alot of project management and tech-team organizational type work as
> well.  I also do some training, support and QA work at times.  I would
> not consider myself a programmer, but do dable and script as needed.
> This is all mostly with 2 businesses currently, but also with various
> other small businesses I've come into contact with.
> So, my linux history?  Around 1999/2000 I picked up a Linux book because
> I wanted to learn Unix, and could run it on my own computer.  I'm pretty
> sure the distro on the CD was RedHat, so started there.  A colleague
> pointed me in the direction of Mandrake (now Mandriva) and that was an
> easier intro to it all.  At some point I jumped into Gentoo to learn the
> nuts and bolts of a distro.  That was an interesting experience, and
> though I still use Gentoo, I now use Ubuntu because I don't have time to
> track down fixes to breakages on production machines.
> Phew, sorry if I was too long winded and that it sounded like a cover
> letter.  Again, feel free to email on anything.  I look forward to
> taking this unknown step towards helping the various communities around
> me.
> Best,
> Rio
> leftyfb wrote:
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>> Don't forget our newest member, "Rio" who came out to help. Thanks for
>> helping out last night and welcome to the team!
>> Martin Owens wrote:
>> | Hey All,
>> |
>> | I'd like to echo Mike's email.
>> |
>> | You guys rocked last night, shout out to Max, Mike, Mark, John and
>> | Barry... no wait there was no Barry ;-)
>> |
>> | I'm very happy with the way we dealt with the problem, we made a
>> | mistake and came out in force to fix it, well done!
>> |
>> | Next week we can resume teaching Basic Ubuntu Desktop, CLI and Python
>> | programming. Be sure to pop in if you want to meet us all and see what
>> | we're up to.
>> |
>> | Best Regards, Martin Owens
>> |
>> | 2008/6/11 leftyfb <leftyfb at>:
>> | Thanks to all that came out to the SETC last night to help out. We ran a
>> | little late into the night, but we got all machines installed with
>> | Windows and Ubuntu dual boot and fully updated. Going forward, please do
>> | not make any changes to these 6 machines without first consulting either
>> | myself, Martin or Mel King. These are only to be used for our students
>> | when we are teaching them on Tuesday nights as well as other classes
>> | throughout the week.
>> |
>> | I hope to continue to see the good turnout we've been having these past
>> | few weeks at the center to help teach the general public about Ubuntu
>> | and get machines loaded with Ubuntu and prepped to be donated/sold to
>> | those that need them.
>> |
>> | Again, thanks to everyone for the tremendous effort and dedication!
>> |
>> | leftyfb
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