Registering as a Nonprofit

Aaron Haviland orion at
Fri Jul 25 05:41:25 BST 2008

Bill Ricker wrote, on Jul 25, 2008 at 00:00 EDT:
> IANAL but ... been there, done that, got the scars, ain't doing it again.
> > Registering as a nonprofit makes it easier to collect donations.
> Ever done it before? It is a major pain.
> How many thousands are we going to collect?
> Should we be a 501(c)(3) or local operating arm of a national 501(c)(3) ??

I think at this point, our group is still too small to want/need/be able to pull off
something like this.

However, the suggestion of being a sub-entity under a larger non-profit might be a
good idea. Perhaps there is/should be a contintental or regional or national entity...

To the original argument: registering as a not-for-profit only makes it easier to
collect donations *from people/entities who want the tax write-off*

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