Some help with Ubuntu in Williams Town

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Wed Jul 16 19:21:53 BST 2008


Greetings from India

Am contacting you because we need some help with installing Ubuntu in 
Williams Town.

A friend of mine, Theo,  is coming the US - Williams College, Mass. US, 
from India, some time in early August. (he is cc'ed is this mail , as is 
another friend in Williams Town)

He uses Linux but has had help to set everything up - all. His current
laptop broke down some months back and since he has been operating of an
external Hard Disk formatted to ext3.

The university of Williams Town , who are providing him a desktop /
laptop,  on being asked about Linux support, have been discouraging. But 
as soon as he reaches the US he will need to use his data and
presentations (made in open office .odi). And also access all his other

The help we required was does anyone have any Ubuntu / GNU/Linux contact 
in Williams Town, who can help him set his machine up - to configure and
run Ubuntu etc.

To help i will give my friend a "detailed how to" as well as a list of 
what software "additional" to the base install needs to be installed and 
any other special configurations. We will try and do an install of Hardy 
   here on my machine as a orientation, but we would really appreciate 
some  experienced help in Williams Town.

I will also give him a Damn Small Linux based USB flash disk which will 
enable him to access his data, as well as some live CD's - Ubuntu Hardy.

We tried to search for Linux / LUG at Williams Town but did not get any
usable results.

*But* if some one can help us find a GNU/Linux friend in or near
Williams Town we will be very grateful.

I am writing on behalf of Theo, because i am his technical support here :)

Your help will be much appreciated


K. Ramnarayan
Uttarakhand (India, Himalaya)
GNU/Linux user since 2003
Ubuntu Since 2006

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