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Really? Who did this discussion take place between? I didn't know it had
been considered at all.

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> I think it's already been considered and one of the sticking points was
> brought out by Nuance, makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, that the
> desktop/programs might not be sufficiently handicapped-accessible. Think
> Word running with Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands.
> The legislature wants to be pro open-source. It's a non-issue.
> What they need are facts and work-arounds.
> See Wine's attempt to make DNS 9.0 run on the desktop.
> Speech recognition is so complex that Nuance is going to have more of a
> monopoly than Microsoft for the forseeable future, unless Nuance's license
> for ViaVoice lapses and it reverts to IBM. Even then, VV isn't as good a
> product.
> Susan Cragin
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> I know this is old but i was wondering if it was worth gathering more
> signatures to give it some real attention and if so, how?
> There's also the Facebook group:
> Someone from IBM made a post and which i felt deserved a well thought out
> response:
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>> For those of you who were at Software Freedom Day, and even for those of
>> you who weren't, here is a link to the issue they talked about on Deval
>> Patrick's website:
>> And here's another one for Open Document
>> Sign and pass them on!
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