Ubuntu for Schools presentation meeting

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 31 04:19:31 GMT 2008

Hey everyone, we should try to do this ASAP because NNHS is recognizing the
need for new technology, but educators really don't know **** about tech so
they're bound to make bad choices. The people in charge of tech for the
Newton Public schools are very conservative so we need to make a good case.
Please help build the agenda more-- i need help with making this effective.


This is what the agenda looks like so far:

   - What needs to be done
      - Fix the outline to better appeal to the Schools' interest
   - Timeline
      - Outline Complete
      - Everything Complete
      - Practice Date?
      - Presentation Date
   - Consider talking about
   - OLPC
      - Other FOSS programs
      - SchoolTool
      - OpenOffice.org
   - What should be seen?
      - Demo?
      - OO.o Impress presntation?
      - Both?
   - Who can help?
      - Speaker/Presenter(s): Steve
      - Panel for Q&A: Steve, Danny, Caleb
      - Work on outline: Danny
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