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Wed Jan 23 19:41:08 GMT 2008

Yea, this whole helping the South End Technical Centre Has been a bit of
short notice. I believe we ran over there to help the director out perhaps 2
days after he e-mailed the group. Last night was the 3rd time.

What basically happens is...There is a computer center for people to come
and learn they say it's for kids, however, i haven't seen one kid in there
yet, but i'm perhaps there past the hours they are allowed. Anyways, What we
do is we go, and continue working on the computers that Mel the director
acquired from places giving away computers. We fix them up for people to
purchase at a cheaper rate then fixing their old computer, or what-not.

Also, for a few weeks we are offering "Ubuntu basics". Steve P. Did an
excellent job in an exploratory sense walking people though features and
components of Ubuntu that is interesting. There was 7 People last night that
showed up and that filled all the computers that had Ubuntu available to
play on. We booted from disk, to show them how easy it is, and we need those
computers updated with the newest Ubuntu...perhaps eye candy to the
computers available to do that. The "students" that came were actually
coming from a networking class that heard about it, and came to learn.

In the future, if more then 7 people show up, perhaps we can figure out a
projector, and we can have some people at computers, and some people
following along. Don't know though. It's much easier to learn by doing, then
by watching.

And those are my 2 cents.
Sara Abbott

Oh yeah, so meeting this Thursday at MIT, I assume around 7 it starts, since
i doubt lefty can make it from work anytime sooner then that.

We are teaching Tuesdays from 7-9 at the South End Technical Centre Don't
know for how many weeks...
If interested in teaching, we are loosely going by the ubuntu teachers
manual (if you can't find it, ask doctormo or steve.)
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