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Michael C. enchantedvisionsband at
Fri Jan 18 17:12:55 GMT 2008

OK So I have been working on the library aspect of our goals. I received
some information from a librarian that I work with that the MLA
(Massachusetts Library association) had done a work shop on open office
and that there was a women there all jazzed up about open source and
free software. We might be able to go there and offer a workshop which
would reach just about every library in the state. here is a copy of
what I sent her. 

  My name is Michael Cardoza I am an employee of the Stoughton Public
Library. I am also a member Of the Ubuntu linux Massachusetts Team. We
are interested in informing Libraries of the benefits of Using free
software. Our Team would also be available to libraries should they need
help implementing free software. Any information as to who we could
contact in order to set up a presentation or workshop would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you for your time and interest.

For more information on Ubuntu Linux please visit: 

                                                         Michael Cardoza
I will post the respond e-mail as soon as I get it. So what we would
need is people who would be willing to do a presentation or workshop
should the need arise. Also we may in the future need volunteers to do
installs should some library need help with implementation. I hope that
this work doesn't step on any ones toes or anything. 
~Mike C.~

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