Subject: Re: Computer Shop, Report

Joseph Guarino jguarino at
Mon Jan 14 16:18:48 GMT 2008

Hello Martin/Everyone,

 I spoke with several "computer" shops who are also MS partners and
found them less receptive to Ubuntu and FOSS in general. Seems to be
that they have very limited knowledge of anything FOSS and have all
kinds of ill-conceived notions regarding it. Additionally many of these
organizations make big revenues from selling the MS solutions and are
seemingly unwilling to consider other options. Unfortunately, I think it
will take time to open their eyes and our continual, gentle and didactic
efforts to have them understand how amazing this software truly is. 

So my take has been to:
1. Give em a CD to try it out. Hey, there is no activation key or "Win
genuine advantage" Lol!
2. Encourage them to go to the many websites/wikis/irc/ and learn about
Ubuntu and ask me for help anytime.
3. Join the mailing lists.
4. Go to the local LUGs.
5. Get a tattoo of Ubuntu on their foreheads. (Ok, I never asked that

 The good news is that many of my tech friends have been working for the
first time with Ubuntu and are loving it. Sometimes you have to crawl
before you can walk. As was reported/predicted in the Economist, 2008 is
to be a great year for Ubuntu and FOSS in general. =)

Have a great day, 
Joseph Guarino
Evolutionary IT - Best Practice IT(tm)
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