ubuntu load problem on hp dv9410us

h tzn the08hulk at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 03:47:23 GMT 2008

already subcribed to the list, name the08hluk at yahoo.com

so i got this problem running ubuntu on my hp dv9410us, i installed it using the most simple method which was lettin it make its own partitions on the hd, erasing my windows vista' cuz it sux..anyway ubuntu 7.10 64bit is what i have, my pc a turion 64 x2 17" widescreen, 2gig ram 160 hd. when i run the live cd i can only get it to run if i f4 it and put the highest res then f6 it and remove the splash...sometime s my screen will go blurry but jump right into ubuntu off of live cd..my main problem is that when i installed it, the loader shows only when the blurry looking screen come up is stays this way..it almost looks like my screen is smashed with grey and black waves. If you guys could plz help me, im somewhat computer literate but completly new to linux, id appreciate your help. thnx jose
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