January 24th LoCo Meeting

Theresa Hepburn theresa.hepburn at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 08:16:44 GMT 2008

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope one of your resolutions is to come to more
of our LoCo meetings! :-)

We have a wiki disagreement as to the location of our meeting on January 24,
2008. Is it being held at Vanu (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings) or the MIT Media Lab (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Meetings/Agenda) ??

Also, we have a theoretical Installfest on Jan 12 (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallFests/2008-01-12) I'm assuming that page
needs to be deleted along with the links to it, or get the name changed to
whenever the actualy date is (TBD at the meeting?). My wiki-ability isn't at
that level yet.

~ Theresa (avila)
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