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Tue Jan 1 00:34:57 GMT 2008

On Dec 31, 2007 3:17 PM, John Parks <jwparks53 at> wrote:
>  Yuriy:
>  Yes it is.
>  I have sent a similar message to Martin "DoctorMo"  a couple of days ago
> but have not received a reply to date.
>  I have recently acquired an IBM thinkpad which has Ubuntu as its op sys.  I
> am not a programmer and have very little experience, if any, with Linux type
> systems.  During the holidays my son gave me a wireless card for my lap top.
> Needless to say it would not install because Belkin brand only supports MS
> and Mac systems.  When I returned the item to the store and looked in vane
> for a card which would run on a Linux system, I ran into a HP rep which
> happened to be in the store.  I explained my situation and he said that if I
> went on one of the forums I may be able to find someone that may be able to
> help me find a card as well as assist me in the install process.
>  While in an Ubuntu community site I tried to find a help section, but was
> unable.  I stumbled upon a link to the Launchpad site and figured this may
> be a place where I could get some assistance.  Anyway.... not being a
> programmer I'm not sure I could be of benefit to your community, but I could
> sure use some help in getting a card installed in my laptop.
>  I have found that after getting use to the Ubuntu system, I do like it much
> better than MS.  My only reservation is that most of the applications on the
> market only cater to MS and Mac.  Is there an easy route around that?  If
> there are tutorials available in learning the ins and outs of the Linux type
> systems I would be appreciative of how to get a hold of them.
>  Thanx for your time,
>  John


Don't worry about the launchpad registration, that's for people
looking to become members of the team and contribute their time.  I'm
not up to date on wireless cards, but I am cc'ing this email to our
mailing list (ubuntu-us-ma AT and hopefully somebody
else can help you.  Send any other questions there please. and are great resources.

~ Yuriy

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>  Sorry, is this about the Ubuntu MA team?
> ~ Yuriy
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> > how do I complete my launchpad registration?

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