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Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
Sun Feb 24 22:52:11 GMT 2008

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 17:35 -0500, Caleb Marcus wrote:
> Well, it was nice to hang out with some other like-minded people and
> talk to Ubuntu users, but I think our first installfest did a better job
> of getting people in who were new to Ubuntu or wanted help setting it
> up. Perhaps it was the snow, but I remember our first one attracting a
> lot more new members of the Ubuntu community. So, yes, I think that we
> should try to focus more on marketing, and perhaps a little less on the
> technical details, because I think we did fine with that. We did a great
> job of setting up the place with wireless and wired network connections
> and power, but not many people actually ended up using it.

From what I recall, at the first Installfest we got a lot of interested
people wandering in after seeing our sign while they toured MIT. I don't
doubt that the snow decreased our numbers substantially.

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