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Steve Pomeroy steve at staticfree.info
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Let's use this upcoming event as a prototype. As you said, we need one
person to be be the coordinator for the event. This should not be
Martin. I'll gladly take responsibility for whatever is left to get this
Saturday off the ground.

We may need a little overlap between responsibilities, as this is a
volunteer effort and often takes 2nd priority to other things. But if we
make that explicit as opposed to haphazard, it may work nicely.

With that in mind, I propose that we get two people to lead a given
event and coordinate them together. This means we need one more person
for event coordination for Saturday. Takers?

As far as Facebook goes - can someone familiar with it Just Do It? It
doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to exist. People rally around
anything in those environments - they just need a central point of


On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 11:10 -0500, Theresa Hepburn wrote:
> Yes, I agree that we need certain people designated for certain tasks. I 
> think having a specific responsibility provides a strong sense of 
> ownership and accomplishment, it gives a person a sense of pride in what 
> they're accomplished.
> Currently we have a bunch of people haphazardly working on a bunch of 
> projects without a clearly defined focus, it leads to disorganization 
> and confusion, especially in terms of events. We don't have an event 
> chair who would be the only voice to say "on this day at this time we 
> will be handing out flyers." In this team's present state, we need to 
> filter through countless email threads in an attempt to decipher what 
> the final time/location was which simply isn't practical nor would I 
> expect any rational person to do that on a regular basis. On top of 
> this, I find tasks hold less meaning for the individual and he or she is 
> less likely to continue with it when they're not wholly dedicated to it. 
> At this point our group has a small number of  people with their hands 
> in everything which is not at all efficient. In my opinion we need a 
> specialization of trade but I don't get the impression that our 
> currently active members are willing to keep their hands out of those 
> tasks they've been semi-consistently taking charge of. Until that 
> happens I don't expect any volunteers will remain committed to a project 
> if they never know when they'll wake up one morning and find their work 
> deleted or grossly modified without warning.
> Maybe we need a wiki page dedicated to persons responsible for certain 
> tasks in addition to team officers and/or committee chairs? This would 
> be a clear indication of what positions need filling and what tasks 
> people should keep their hands out of our who to contact about 
> suggestions or requests. I thought I remembered seeing something similar 
> to this idea but I don't quite remember where.
> As an unrelated side note, Brad (ouegamer), is moving out of the state 
> so we have lost his contact with those periodicals and I'm assuming he 
> won't be maintaining the toolbox anymore either.
> ~ Theresa (avila)
Steve Pomeroy
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