Installfest Commitments

Theresa Hepburn theresa.hepburn at
Mon Feb 18 05:37:16 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

Hello everyone, this is just a reminder, of what people committed to do 
for the installfest which is not necessarily comprehensive.

leftyfb: T-shirts, Installiation Check list, changing the waiver, and 
update pixi server to work smoothly without fiesty, make gutsy the default

maccam94,guinea-pig: physical layout

Sara: Big Arrow for the installfest, walk in table for events, what is 
ubuntu, why is it free, pamhlet, who we are, our goal, buisness card

Steve: Manage, room reservations, table, building signs, guys getting 
the video, Put the tv people in contact with nathan

bfalik: prepare 5 minute speaches

Martin: Who is attending, Post if they are attending, and what they are 
helping with, Ask if people want to give talks or presentations and let 
us know...Ask MAKO for CD"S or to get in contact with someone to get cd's

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