Configuring Samba to access shared folders

Dan Allen goattuber at
Fri Feb 8 18:06:26 GMT 2008

At the last installfest, Martin and I had some trouble getting Samba to work
correctly on a couple boxes. After installing Samba and setting up a shared
folder, you could see it on the network but still couldn't access it. It
would ask for a password, and no matter what we tried, we couldn't get in. I
had set Samba up on my home machine a couple years ago and haven't had any
trouble with it since, so of course I totally forgot any extra steps I had
to take in order to get it working.

One of the people I recently helped switch over to Ubuntu still has a couple
Windows boxes on the network (his in-laws live downstairs). He could access
shared folders on their computers, but they couldn't get to his, and it was
really bugging him. Today I found this guide to get Samba up and running

Now he can get to his shared folders from the other Ubuntu and Windows boxes
on the network. Hope this helps anyone else that's struggled with this.

- Dan
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