Fwd: New and some questions - thx :-)

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 17:32:01 GMT 2008

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to our list.

> I'm new to the list so I apologize in advance if I'm replying out of
> protocol.  

It's very hard to annoy the gods of this mailing list. they're very laid

> You mentioned something regarding classes / tutorials in person? 

I teach ubuntu on Tuesday nights in Boston. It's a fun night, sometimes
it's busy and sometimes is quiet. 7pm to 9pm.

> I'm new to Ubuntu (wiped my vista from my laptop and dove right in and
> got 8.10).  And while I am very happy with ubuntu, I do have glitches
> and questions etc (most specifically with learning the terminal beyond
> copying commands & instructions from the forums).

Have an expert in the room is a great way to learn and gain confidence
in how to operate your computer. I highly recommend other ubuntu masters
get invoked with teaching and showing ubuntu off to our new users in

> Where are the meetings?  And also are there any other users in Western
> MA?  I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies!

Alternately if there are enough of you guys in the West that would
benefit from my having session out there. It can be organised with your
help and we can do something about making sure everyone gets the chance
to learn and get good at using ubuntu.

> Thanks,

No problem, if anyone needs help or would like to run events or projects
in Massachusetts. Let us know. A lot of us are just waiting for the
chance. Next year from January we will be starting up our meetings and
planning events. Your welcome to come too (but it's in Cambridge/MIT so
a bit far perhaps)

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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