Windows CDs for recovery purposes

Aaron Haviland orion at
Fri Sep 21 12:21:24 BST 2007

leftyfb at wrote, on Sep 21, 2007 at 00:59 EDT:
> Using Windows recovery cd's does not require a license. I will be bringing a
> few of these myself in case we need them. XP Home, Pro and OEM of both.
> The server i'll be bringing has about 100gigs of space on it without the
> Ubuntu iso's I plan on downloading which shouldn't be too much. I'll also be
> bringing at least a couple hard drives with a usb enclosure to do backups if
> need be. I have a couple 250's i'll be bringing. Not to mention my 60GB ipod
> and some other random hard drives. If anyone else has any usb hard drive
> enclosures, it might be helpful to bring them. I'll probably invest in buying
> a few down the road. They're useful for backups and for recovering data off of
> hard drives from someone's pc.

Yeah, I've got a USB enclosure, although I'm missing the screws to hold
a drive fixed inside it. Shouldn't be an issue for short-term use,

BTW... I have an issue with the USB enclosure in that the drive will
*never* spindown. I can't seem to find a way to get it to happen. hdparm
says that it's not valid... I'm thinking the USB-IDE interface isn't a
full implementation or somesuch. Any ideas? I'd really like to not have
to worry about the drive overheating inside the enclosure :)

Aaron Haviland
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